I had this roof top in the building I lived in SF for A YEAR, yes, A YEAR and I NEVER used for sessions because I was always afraid on getting in trouble. Yeah, I am this kinda of girl that try not get into too much trouble, but I also have my rebel side that sometimes wins and make me do crazy things, like ignore all the facts and going up there even with the alarm signs all over the door. So, I closed my eyes and opened the doors waiting for the alarm goes off and surprisingly everything went smooth.

     The problem was that I did this TWO weeks before we move OUT of our apartment. I went crazy trying to find a person to accept come in in such a short period of time and Monique accepted super fast. I got SO excited and we started to plan.

     We decide to do a sunrise session at the rooftop and our agendas matched EXACTLY the last morning I had at my place.  How crazy is that?

     She had never done a family photos and knowing this just made me even more excited. She brought her cute and handsome puppy and we watched the sun rise in the city together. It was so magical. Sunrise sessions has my whole heart. The light is beautiful, the breeze is refreshing and the energy of a new day rising just wake up my soul. We danced, we laughed, we ran around and we enjoyed every moment of this session. These two made my last day in San Francisco really memorable and I am so thankful for this.

     I fell in love photographing at a Roof top, so if you are looking for a super and cute session at a roof top hit me up and I would LOVE to create memories with you.


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