Having fun is my number ONE rule and all the other things will come along. 

But why me? Over so many talented and amazing photographers? Why should you pick me to be part of one of the best days of your life or to share your loved ones with me?

First, I would say that I am not the right fit to everyone. 

I look to capture genuine and organic moments, the way he fix your hair or fix your dress, the way your family interact to each other as the every day occasion, I don’t focus on those “smile to the camera” kind of photography, of course we will definitely take these type of photos for cards, but trust me, the intimate moments are the ones you will cherish forever and MUST probably the captures you will want to hang on your wall. 

I thrive in outdoors, the adventurous couples and families, during a beautiful sunset as the wind blows your hair and layers. This is the way my creative spirit comes to life and where we can connect in the best way possible. 

Let me hear about your story, what reaffirm everyday how much you love her, or what is one thing he does that makes you laugh so hard until your tommy hurts. I want to hear about that Storie where your toddler hide inside your dress in the middle of a party to have a private moment. Let me know about alll those moments, I LOVE stories of all types.   

Second - I want to empower you and be there for you. 

For maternity, I want to make you shine even more, I want to reflect your beauty the best way possible. 
For couples, I will be right in the corner for any help, be like sharing “to do” list for your wedding day, give you tips on where to look for vendors and services, grab you a glass of wine while you getting ready on the wedding day. I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU!
For families, we will enjoy the chaos, we will play around your kids personality and will have fun with every moment, even on the grumpy times… don’t worry, it will pass with some tricks. ^.^

I also will do a location scouting to best fit your needs and to achieve those breathtaking captures, AAAAND I also have a styling assistance and client’s closet which you can pick anything you would like to wear. 

With that being said, I will COMPLETELY take care of you!!! I don’t want you to worry about anything, just sit back, relax and let me capture YOU.