GAHHHHHH!!! These two fierce women got married and I am on the cloud 9 to have photographed their day.

San Francisco City Hall is finally open after COVID-19 and I am glad to open up this season with Nayara and Fernanda’s wedding. They are both Brazilians and as you know, I am too, so when we find each other is like we know each other for a lifetime.

Nayara is an outgoing woman that bright up any room she gets in and Fernanda is a lovely woman that is visible that loves Na with all her heart.

SF City Hall is still with the mask regulations and now only one witness can get in to sign their marriage license and no more photos are allowed inside. The ceremony is still allowed on the top of the stairs but while the ceremony happens, is necessary to keep the masks on. After is done you can take the mask off for a kiss photo.

After they got married at the top of the stairs of SF City Hall, we then went all the way up to photograph some family as the light in the morning are beautiful up there. As we slowly got down, we got the whole stairs open to have them both in the middle to have the epic shot. We stay inside photographing them two for about almost two hours and then went to the exit where the SF City Hall name is placed.

You won’t believe what happened…

There was having a gathering outside of city hall, kind like a protest. As we opened the doors and they came out, a while bunch of people cheered them up and the smiles on their faces was memorable. I got to photograph their happiness and put some of the photos below. It gave me the chills. It was like a celebration of their love, a great start to a life long relationship.

It is CRAZY how God put His hands in every detail of our existence and I feel honored for being able to photograph such memorable and special milestones of my clients life.


San Francisco Wedding & Maternity Photographer, Stephane Leon, Woman smiles before ocean at golden hour


For the longest time I have been researching inside me about my true identity and my purpose in this world. I found in God my guidance and through His eyes I could finally see myself. I am here to serve you, and to help you see yourself with love. I am here to show you that your relationship with your loved one is the most special treasure you have in this life and having a moment to connect again is the most precious gift you will ever receive.